Medical Marijuana and Auto Accident Injuries. Will it work for you?

medical marijuanaAcross thirty nine years of representing victims of car and truck accidents, one sees trends in treatment that come and go. In the good old days acupuncture and chiropratic were seen as dubious modalities but now are routinely recommended.

Surgical interventions have become vastly less intrusive and recovery from surgery has been reduced in length.

At present medical cannabis is becoming increasingly common in lieu of other palliative pain control agents. The primary reason we see for marijuana prescriptions is pain and anxiety relief. Cannabis is far less addictive than opiates which have gained and lost favor with physicians across the last two decades.

Also many patients have difficulty with the gastro-intestinal ailments from NSAIDs which are not an issue with cannabis. In addition to pain relief cannabis reduces nerve pain, spasticity, works as a muscle relaxant and is less sedating.

Many scholarly articles extoll marijuana's benefits and Harvard reports 85% of Americans support it's legalization for medical purposes. So, if you are having issues with pain relief and recovery post-accident consider discussing cannabis with your primary treating healthcare provider.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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