Maryland Courts schedule car accident and other personal injury trial dates. Hurrah!

calendarThey're back.. No not the cicadas. Trial dates! Okay if you aren't familiar with our website or aren't the victim of a car or truck crash. this may not seem important.

However, the covid-19 closure of all court systems in Maryland and elsewhere, has set back the trial of all cases and that has not served injured people well. Insurance companies can't be too happy. Routinely cheap in their evaluations and offers, the absence of trial dates, has taken away what little leverage injured people had with them.

Now the trial dates are far into the future but the rubber meets the road in the courtroom and not too many insurance companies are interested in finding out how jurors feel about their inadequate offers.

So rejoice, cases will start being settled in greater numbers and for larger amounts  than during the last fifteen months. Just be patient and please listen to your lawyer.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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