Injured in a Maryland Car Crash? Be careful what you say to insurers in initial accident reporting.

phonesMaryland car and truck crash victims often don't realize that they must be careful as the insurance companies do initial inteviews to " help" them set up claims. The fact is that adjusters are trained to elicit information that is helpful to their particular insurance company and not nescessarily for the innocent crash victim.

This can manifest itself in various ways including with regard to both legal responsibility or liability and concerning actual physical and emotional injuries.

Maryland traffic laws are quite regressive with the continued applicability of the doctrine of contributory negligence which effectively precludes any negligence on the part of an injured party even where clearly the bulk of responsibility for a crash rest on one drivers shoulders.

You may not know it but the adjusters do and they can take recorded statements from unsuspecting crash victims that are helpful to asserting that " both drivers were at fault" and denying your claim.

Similarly, injured drivers often do not know the full extent of their injuries in the first few days after a collision and may indicate to a liability adjuster that they are just " banged up" rather than appreciating the fact that they may need exetnsive physical therapy or surgery to return to their pre-crash health status.

The bottom line : don't give detailed accounts of how a car or truck accident happened until you have at least spoken to an attorney well versed in personal injury law. Equally importantly don't comment on the extent of your injuries until you have been fully evaluated by a trained healthcare provider.

Please note that having your lawyer serve as the conduit to liability adjusters on injuries is essential.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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