Maryland Traffic Fatalities Rise Toward 2007 Record Levels

car crashMaryland roads are awash in motor vehicle crashes with the grim prospect for a record year for fatal accidents. The highest year for crash deaths was 2007 when 615 people were killed on Maryland roadways.

At the beginning of October 2023 the death tally stood at 456 and with the increased incidence of travelers associated with holiday travel, exceeding 615 fatalities does not seem out of reach.

Authorities ascribe the problem to bad driving habits that abounded in the 2020-2021 covid era, when far fewer vehicles on the roads led to higher speeds and more reckless driving. The usual suspects are alcohol, speed and the ubiquitous distracted driving. Of course combinations of these factors are even more likely to precipitate accidents.

There is also a school of thought that the increased prevalence of speed cameras send a message to drivers that speeding is okay. There are also problems associated with hiring and retaining law enforcement personnel.

Proposed solutions include increased funding for roadway safety with an emphasis on traffic enforcement and proper use of seat belts, shoulder belts and child car seats.

For now slow down, don't drink and drive and put down your cell phone.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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