At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC car crash victims ask us to send them "our doctors", but we don't have any!

Often at the initial client interview in a Maryland car crash case, the victim will say to Allan or myself, "hey, can you send me to one of your doctors?"

This always puzzles us because we don't, per se, have doctors. We find that some doctors are easier to work with than others and some do a better job of getting our clients well but we have no special relationship with any healthcare providers.

The assumption that somehow we have our own doctors may stem from some misconceived notions that the legal system is sort of corrupt or that lawyers and doctors inevitably must work together. The truth is our general position is that clients should work through their existing healthcare providers to find someone who meets their needs.

If that doesn't work asking family members, neighbors or co-workers can also be a source for good healthcare providers.

If all else fails we will ask the client what would be most convenient for them and then we can provide lists of doctors in the geographic area by specialty. Obviously, if that list contains healthcare providers that we have in the past found uncooperative or ineffective, we let them know.

The bottom line is that there are doctors and therapists we work with more frequently than others but that is largely a function of geography.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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