In a Maryland Car Accident? Whom do you have claims against? For what?

car accidentSo you are in a car accident and are injured, what do you do?  Obviously, making sure that you and your passengers are safe from immediate harm is the best start. Documenting how, why and where the crash happened can be very important. Calling the police and ascertaining who the witnesses are is important as well.

But once the post-crash dust settles and you want to seek compensation, to whom do you look? The short answer is every insurance company with even tangential connection with the collsion. These include your own car and health insurance and of course the car insurance of any at-fault driver.

Other insurers may include your employer's workers compensation insurance if you are in a crash while in the course of your employment and similarly, the liability of insurance of the at-fault driver's employer if they were working when the crash happened.

The nature of the claims one can make include damage to your vehicle, rental car expenses if your car goes in the repair shop, medical expenses, lost income, lost home and family services, prescription costs, transportation and parking costs and most prominently pain and suffering.

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