Despite Pandemic Some Maryland Courts are Open and Expecting You.

covid court temperature maskMaryland courts are open again despite the pandemic. Some of them are so open that they are expecting litigants and their attorneys to appear in person.

While many of Maryland's courts have made provision for telephonic or video-conferencing appearances, some courts aren't listing options other than personal appearance. Needless to say this is daunting to many Maryland lawyers and litigants concerned about contracting covid 19.

A little snooping reveals the fact that in Charles County, Maryland, for example, list in-person as the only option but that lawyers are filing motions to be heard by Skype or Zoom with the Judges making determinations about what will occur.

We will keep our finger on the pulse of what the judges decide to do and will revisit this issue next week.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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