Judge Tillerson Adams Displays True Leadership in signaling Prince George's County Circuit Court Flexibility

judgeMaryland has been a national story with forward thinking leadership from its governmental officials and its courts. Judge Sheila Tillerson Adams has evinced such leadership in Prince Georges County.

The Chief and Administrative Judge for the county, has reached out to members of the bar with a lengthy e-mail in an effort to allay concerns about the ever present deadlines associated with court matters. While it is presently impossible to predict when and in what manner the courts will reopen, she has suggested that we 'should stop worrying and focus on our health."

Judge Tillerson Adams also suggests that the courts will display flexibility when they reopen with the recognition that many deadlines will have passed without the lawyers and litigants having been able to complete their responsibilities.

That's a relief. Thanks Your Honor.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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