How to pay for medical care when you are hurt in a car or truck crash.

health insurance medical billsThe last thing someone injured in a car or truck crash needs to worry about is how to pay for their medical care recovery costs and yet they often are compelled to do so. Sometimes this is because they lack health insurance or their auto insurance doesn't include PIP or Medpay but there are a number of creative solutions to these problems.

1). First look at your own auto policy to see if it includes personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payment benefits. This may not be obvious so don't hesitate to call your company or agent and ask.

2). Use health insurance. Health insurers sometimes put up roadblocks to using their products for auto accidents but pushing back and insisting can be effective. Obviously, having a lawyer helps in this department but insist on your rights after all that is why you pay for health insurance.

3). If you are a pedestrian you can use the at-fault drivers PIP insurance.

4). Some medical practices and therapists are willing to provide care without payment in return for a guarantee that they will be paid out of any settlement or verdict. Again having a lawyer who does this sort of case regularly is helpful as they may know which doctors are agreeable to this arrangement. 

5). Catastrophically injured individuals hospitalized can often apply for Medicaid while recovering.

The bottom line many injuries require medical care to recover from and a resourceful attorney may be of considerable assistance in getting you the care you need. 

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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