Injured in a crash? Stay off social media until you are well and your case is settled or tried.

phone cell social mediaI was involved in a mediation today in which the mediator mentioned in passing, that his next mediation involved a bad car accident in which the injured victim asserted that he was no longer able engage in  his favorite activities including dancing swimming and sports generally, because of his injuries.

Unfortunately for him, his social media accounts showed him engaging in all manner of physically demanding actions that belied his asserted limitations.

Which is to say that his Facebook and Instagram posts made him look like a liar.So very simply repeat after me : " I will not post anything on social media or allow my friends and acquaintances to do so while my claim for personal injuries is open!"

The insurance industry goes to great lengths to smash personal injury cases and social media is such a rich source of information that can be misconstrued. It is much better not to have to explain away a bad picture, video or post.

Even seemingly innocuous posts can be made to look bad, so no videos, pictures or descriptions of your vacation to Ocean City. Please.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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