The widespread distribution of covid 19 vaccines will have many positive consequences for victims of personal injury and perhaps some negative ones as well.

covid vaccineThe news of the impending approval and distribution of covid 19 vaccines will have a significant impact on many aspects of American life including the conduct of personal injury cases. Most are likely to be positive and a few may not be.

First and foremost, injured victims of car and truck accidents will be better able to safely receive treatment for their injuries in person. Zoom medicine has its virtues but it does not provide hands on physical therapy and chiropractic care. Doctors will also be able to fully examine their patients and have  a clearer understanding of their treatment needs.

There will be far less fear of surgical intervention which will correct more serious problems more quickly. This in turn will lead to less time lost from work.

Clients will be able to meet with and evaluate their lawyers and routine litigation procedures such as depositions and settlement conferences, will be in person again, thereby catalyzing quicker and better analysis of claims.

Trials will be able to take place again and the delays precipitated by the disease will gradually fade into a distant memory.

On the down side, one worries that skepticism about the effectiveness of vaccines may result in large swaths of the population foregoing it and feeling emboldened to circulate in society and further spread the disease.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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