In a Maryland car or truck crash? Here are five suggestions for how to protect your interests.

car accidentCar and truck crashes can be tremendously painful and can cause big disruptions in your day to day life. Economic hardships abound and the fact is that despite paying for comprehensive insurance coverage, many accident victims walk away without feeling like they have received fair compensation. Here are five quick suggestions that can serve to make your Maryland collision experience less painful.

  • Understand that your medical treatment records are the only language insurance companies speak. If you are not receiving needed treatment no matter how bad your injury is, you will not get fair compensation. The doctors reports must note the relationship between the treatment you are receiving and the crash or you are in trouble.


  • This is your one and only opportunity to get medical care for injuries you received in the accident and if you fail to get the care while your claim is open you are also in trouble. Once your case is settled there is no going back because your injuries have flared up. Protect yourself and your family by getting all prescribed treatment.


  •  If you are missing time from work or are losing out on income earning opportunities document the heck out of it. W-2s, paystubs, 1099s and other income loss documentation are essential as well as doctor notes indicating that you can't work for specific periods of time and why are required. Wage loss is one of the insurance industries per peeves and they beat up car crash victims on this thousands of times a day.


  • If you can't take a vacation you had planned or attend your child's soccer game write it down and explain why not. Jurors relate to these deprivations but need to know how your day to day life was impacted and why.
  • Remember that your word of how an injury affected your life may not be enough. Your neighbor who had to volunteer to shovel your snow or mow your lawn is a reminder of the helplessness that crash victims often suffer from. Co-workers who saw the limitations you suffered from as a result of a truck crash can be extraordinary sources of documentation of the pain and inconvenience.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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