Lawyer won't take your Maryland car crash case? Here's five reasons why.

lawyerMaryland personal injury lawyers don't want your car or truck accident case. You Google firm after firm and call them and something about your case seems to turn attorneys off. What is it?

  1. Liability. Maryland has onerous laws on legal responsibility in car accident cases. The doctrine of contributory negligence means that you literally cannot have contributed to the occurrence of an accident. If the other driver is mostly at fault that is not good enough. Make sure when you describe your case you understand this and develop strong evidence that you weren't a contributing factor.

  2. Medical treatment delays. If you were in a crash in May and you haven't seen a doctor by August, lawyers will be turned off as judges and jurors won't believe that treatment is related. In effect failure to receive prompt medical treatment plays in to the classic defense lawyer's argument to the jury: " ladies and gentlemen if Mr. Jones was so hurt, why didn't he get treatment for 79 days?"

  3. Claiming an injury which you never mentioned to your healthcare providers until long after you had been treated for other parts of the body. If you are hurt in a collision and get three months of physical therapy for your neck and suddenly seek treatment for your left knee, which hasn't previously been mentioned by an doctors, judges, jurors and insurance companies will be highly skeptical.

  4. Large medical expenses for a minor crash. There is no question that people can sustain serious injuries in what appear to be minor car crashes but that doesn't mean attorneys will be overly enthusiastic about your $25,000.00  in physical therapy for a barely visible property damage case. Such cases almost invariably end up in lawsuits which means more work for the lawyer.

  5. Multiple prior claims. Some people are just unlucky and are the victims of others negligence often. But if you have three separate car crash cases in the last year the insurance companies will know and will view your injuries skeptically especially where the injuries are to the same parts of the body.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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