Five Good Hints for Settling Your Maryland Car Crash Case in the Covid-19 Madness.

covidFor regular readers of this website, you know we provide lots of helpful ideas in how to ensure that your Maryland car crash case is optimized for settlement or trial.

The advent of widespread covid-19 closures has changed the landscape a bit with eager adjusters sitting at home eager to show their corporate overlords that they can be productive working from home. It has also meant that obtaining medical records and bills as well as lost time from work letters , has proven more difficult.

Obviously, getting consistent medical treatment has also proven elusive, so getting well and getting a medical discharge from treatment may take more effort.

So Five Good, Helpful Hints:

  • If you can't see your doctor or therapist communicate your continuing symptoms and problems by e-mail. That will enable them to make treatment suggestions and medical records documenting your ongoing crash-related symptoms.
  • Similarly if your employer isn't in the office to write up a lost time from work letter, do the homework yourself. Send them a document reflecting what time you missed and what that has meant to you monetarily.
  • If there is a dispute as to legal liability or responsibility now is the time to reach out to witnesses including police officers while they are likely to have less field responsibility.
  • If you are representing yourself ( Abraham Lincoln had a saying about this) contact the adjuster on your claim and see if they have been provided all the information you intend to rely on for establishing a fair settlement.
  • Read Clark and Steinhorn's "Seventeen Secrets the Insurance Companies don't want You to Know." It is right here and can be enormously useful.
Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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