Five Factors Can Reduce Your Maryland Car or Truck Accident Case Without Your Even Knowing it!

In previous blogs and articles we have discussed the many variables that can come into play in managing and settling car and truck accident cases in Maryland. See:

However, those truly objectively significant factors can oddly be sabotaged by crash victims unknowingly. This blog briefly identifies some other variables that need to be thought about and in many cases acted upon. They are:

  • Social media. Life looks pretty jolly on Facebook or Instagram but those pictures and comments may sabotage your case. If you are in active therapy with an injury don't show pictures of you and your friends on jet skis or on ATVs. Jurors will be more apt to believe their own eyes than your doctors.
  • Prior accidents. You might think your fender bender two years ago is irrelevant. You may not even remember that night you had a little too much to drink and took a spill but jurors and insurance companies may believe you are hiding something. Probe your memory and look at your family doctors records to remind you of any minor mishaps in the past.
  • Credit reports. Maybe your delinquent bills have nothing to do with your injury but don't bet on it. If you have proven untrustworthy in meeting your obligations be aware that crafty lawyers can try and weave this into an overall commentary on your reliability as a witness.
  • Crimes of moral turpitude. You may be injured but sometimes past bad acts or crimes of "moral turpitude" or perjury can paint you as a bad actor in front of a jury. Tell your lawyer at the outset.
  • Video surveillance. Insurance companies don't have to invest a great deal to hire a detective to shoot video of you and to "edit" it down to those instances where you were trying to do more than maybe your doctor said you could and again jurors believe their own eyes not your doctor's testimony.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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