Howard County Councilman and Candidate for County Executive, Dr. Calvin Ball, was this week's guest on Everyday Law with Host, Robert Clark.

Dr. Calvin Ball, candidate for Howard County Executive and long-time Howard County Councilman, appeared on Everyday Law this week. Calvin is the Democratic party candidate in the November 6, 2018 race and brings vast experience to his pursuit.

Previously on Everyday Law, host, Robert Clark interviewed Howard County Executive, Allan Kittelman regarding why he believes he is entitled to another term and what issues he believes are at the forefront of Howard County concerns.

Both candidates expressed grave concern about the opioid epidemic and its consequences for Howard residents. Dr. Ball focused on improving Howard County schools and ensuring that less advantaged children are provided resources sufficient to make their success more inevitable.

The candidates disagreed on the need for a new Howard County Circuit Court with Dr. Ball opposed and Mr. Kittelman in favor. For a quick listen to compare their views go to:/

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