Bob Clark and Everyday Law Bid The Airwaves A Fond Farewell!

radio microphoneAfter 105 episodes and more than six years, Everyday Law with host, Bob Clark has retired from the airwaves. The show originated back in the good old days before pandemics and presidential insurrections.

Bob has hosted each of the shows developed all of the show's content and selected and cultivated all of the guests. Highlights are too numerous to mention but certainly the shows featuring Jerry Buting during the heyday of Making A Murderer and those with Adnan Syed's counsel, Justin Brown, were among them.

The show was an unusual mix of prominent lawyers, judges from every level of Maryland's courts, politicians and entrepeneurs. Maryland Comptroller, Peter Franchot garnered lots of attention when he announced on Everyday Law that he opposed Governor Hogan's Beltway expansion plans.

 Bob made a clear effort to welcome candidates from both Republican and Democratic office-seekers. Both Calvin Ball and Allan Kittleman appeared on the program in anticipation of their heated candidacy for Howard County Executive as did State's Attorney candidates Kim Oldham and Rich Gibson.

Bob also enjoyed probing the inner workings of Maryland state government and brought in powerful but somewhat more obscure figures such as Treasurer, Nancy Kopp, Attorney General, Brian Frosh and of course Comptroller Franchot.

Regular contributors included College Park attorney, Ron Schwartz, CeeCee Paizs, David Harak, Justice Michele Hotten, Judge ShaRon Kelsey and yours truly.

I know from sharing an office with him that Bob enjoyed the show but also felt a responsibility to provide stimulating guests and a fair-minded atmosphere. This wasn't invariably an easy task particularly when HCC decided that politics were off-limits which inhibited his efforts to bring Governro Hogan and later Governor Moore on the program.

Bob has no present plans to return to broadcasting despite several offers but is grateful to all paticipants in the program and he hopes his up-beat message of legal optimism proves endemic. 

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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