Covid 19's Impact on employment will affect Maryland Crash Injury Lost Wage Claims

employer employeeCovid 19 has had a profound impact on life in the United States including on employment. This will in turn cause complications in Maryland truck and car crash cases particularly as concerns lost income or wage claims.

Quite simply, those people who were significantly injured before the pandemic and were consequently missing time from work are going to run into insurance company arguments that their lost time from work was in part because of the disease.

For example, an auto body shop worker injured in January 2020 might well have missed six months from work due to injury but if the shop in which they worked was closed for April and half of March they can expect a defense that they couldn't have worked whether they were injured or not because of the stay at home order.

This is patently unfair and will require effective lawyering to be successful. Things will be even more complicated for employed people injured during the stay at home order and for people who were seeking employment as well.

It is likely that Maryland's collateral source rule may limit defense arguments but expect them to be made. Even if your job is shutdown while you are getting well from collision injuries, it would be a good idea to make sure that your treating healthcare providers document whether you could do your job or not without regard to whether your employemnt is presently open for business.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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