Yes you can fire your lawyer in a personal injury case and get a better one.

After 42 years of working as a Prince George's County personal injury lawyer, I've become familiar with client concens about discharging their present attorney in order to get one who will actually pay attention to their case.

There seems to be a tolerance for not knowing what is going on in their cases, for phone calls or emails that aren't returned and for indifference to the injured parties' concerns. People fear they can't liberate themselves from attorneys who are too busy to communicate with them and yet the truth is one can always fire their lawyer.

This isn't to suggest that this change of attorneys should be undertaken lightly but it is pretty easy to tell if  a lawyer actually prioritizes your case or puts off your desire to have a handle on where the case is going. Not every lawyer client relationship is ideal and some very effective lawyers seem detached from their clients and cases but if you feel you are being neglected set up an appointment with your lawyer to go through your case and voice your worries and concerns.

If your lawyer is too busy to meet with you that is often a good indicator of whether you are going to  be pleased with the settlement or verdict in your case. If you elect to seek a new attorney your soon to be former lawyer may be entitled to be paid out of any settlement for the time they can demonstrate they spent on your case but that is a small price to pay for capable representation.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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