Artificial Intelligence and the rules of evidence on Everyday Law

artificial intelligenceBob Clark and Everyday Law featured two of the leading experts on artificial intelligence in the courtroom, Professor Maura Grossman and Judge Paul W. Grimm.

Maura Grossman is a professor at Waterloo University in Ontario, Canada in the school of computer science and at the Osgoode Hall Law School .

Paul W. Grimm is a United States District Court Judge for the District of Maryland. Paul and Maura became acquainted through their work on e-discovery.

E-discovery is the realm where the law and the vast quantities of data meet and mechanisms are necessary to lubricate this process. Professor Grossman pioneered computer driven approaches to these issues at the same time as Judge Grimm was leading efforts to provide federal judges tools for dealing with data issues.

This fortuitous meeting led to their December 2021 article in the Northwestern Law School Journal of Technology entitled Artificial Intelligence as Evidence" which was the basis of this episode of Everyday Law.

This is a particularly thorny issue as many artificial intelligence outputs or findings are not easily explained or understood.

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