Personal Injury Claim in Maryland? Get the nuts and bolts of what to do with Allan Steinhorn on Everyday Law

nuts boltsBob Clark and Everyday Law are pleased to welcome personal injury attorney extraordinaire, Allan Steinhorn, to the program to chat about the Nuts and Bolts of Maryland Personal Injury cases.

Allan has handled multitudinous car and truck injury claims in Maryland and the District of Columbia along with a variety of medical malpractice and other personal injury cases. The key he suggests is getting hold of the case early in the aftermath of the events which brought about the personal injuries.

This is imperative as witnesses and evidence disappear and memories fade and also to ensure the victims receive appropriate medical care to help facilitate their prompt recovery. Competent legal representation also ensures that plaintiffs receive all benefits that they are entitled to promptly and reduces the adverse economic impact on injured people and their families.

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Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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