Three Sides of the Adnan Syed Triangle: Prosecutor, Defense Lawyer and Appellate Judge

lawyerHost Bob Clark had the privilege of welcoming three different participants in the tragic tale of Adnan Syed to Everyday Law. Defense lawyer. C. Justin Brown, State Attorney General, Brian Frosh and Court of Appeals Judge, Michele Hotten all discussed their roles in the case.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Syed, his story was compellingly told in the podcast "Serial" and the HBO show' The Case Against Adnan Syed'.

Judge Hotten wrote a compelling dissent in the 4 to 3 decision of Maryland's highest court denying Mr. Syed a new trial.

Mr. Brown represented Mr. Syed in his path to a new trial both before the trial court and through both levels of appeal from the trial court's decision to grant him a new trial.

Attorney General Frosh and his office fought the new trial request all the way to Maryland's highest court where they finally prevailed. It is fascinating to hear the diametrically different viewpoints held by the opposing lawyers on such a well known case and how it was viewed by a member of the court which ultimately found against Mr. Syed.

Robert V. Clark
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