Traffic Fatalities in the Covid Era

earth mask covidAs a devoted NPR listener, I am always interested when a program fits into our firm's wheelhouse. September 13th's IA took on the increase in traffic fatalities in the covid era.

We have observed this phenomenon and written about it previously on numerous occasions, most recently at:

Jenn White and her guests offered a variety of thoughts on the increase in traffic fatalities, some of which have also been postulated here previously.

Two particular avenues of discussion intrigued me. The first was that covid so completely shut down commuting that roads were virtually deserted and that drivers on the roads got used to traveling at higher speeds than would otherwise be possible under ordinary circumstances.

The old mantra " speed kills"  is a statistical truism and speed plus non-use of safety equipment such as shoulder harnesses is especially deadly.

The second thought concerned Americans obsession with trucks and SUVs. These vehicles obviously are taller and when they strike pedestrians they are inevitably hitting the heads and necks of people and not their legs or abdomens. This phenomenon coupled with the greater weight of these vehicles make them much more apt to kill people.

Fpr more go to WAMU or NPR

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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