Need a Laurel, Maryland Lawyer, Call Clark and Steinhorn LLC

Posted on Dec 21, 2016

Periodically, we hear from clients new and old, that they were looking for a personal injury lawyer in Laurel, Maryland on the web and were astonished at how many listings they saw (particularly the pay ones) where the advertising firms were not in Laurel. We nod our heads sagely and say polite things like "yes we are puzzled by this too", when all the while we are thinking that this is a disservice to our clients and the community of Laurel.

At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, we have had clients from virtually every county in Maryland and dozens of other states and even other nations. We are thrilled to have enjoyed the confidence of families and individuals from everywhere, who needed skillful, trustworthy, experienced, personal injury counsel but our core of clients are Laurel, Maryland residents.

The convenience of being able to drop by our office at lunch time or on the way to or from work or school is often cited as a major factor in why clients have chosen Clark and Steinhorn, LLC for their legal needs. The fact that we provide prompt and excellent service keeps them coming back. So if you are injured in a car or truck crash and need a Laurel, Maryland attorney call Clark and Steinhorn, LLC at (301) 317-1001 or visit us on the web at