Laurel, Maryland Lawyer, Robert Clark on Laurel's Rebirth

Posted on Jul 02, 2014

With our office in the heart of Laurel, Maryland, we at Clark and Steinhorn, P.C. have watched the dramatic transformation of the intersection of Route One and Cherry Lane with great interest. The demolition of the Laurel Lakes Shopping Center and subsequent erection of the Towne Centre at Laurel seemed to have taken place at  breakneck speed and the results are quite dramatic and inviting.

It is early in the life of this project but the structures are markedly different from their predecessors and the list of impending restaurants and merchants bode well.

Laurel has many fine restaurants including the venerable and delicious Pasta Plus but having a half dozen new choices walking distance from our Laurel, Cherry Lane headquarters is most encouraging.

As local businessman, Allan and I are hopeful that this splendid new project will draw more people to the Laural area and we stand ready to assist individuals and businesses alike with regard to their legal needs.

So if you are in the neighborhood stop by and see us, we will keep a light on for you.

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