Laurel lawyer, Bob Clark Back On Radio on Ebola and the law.

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

Laurel, Maryland attorney, Bob Clark was back on Howard University's radio show "The Legal Pad" discussing ebola, infectious disease, quarantines and civil rights. Mr. Clark's legal expertise was put to the test by host, James E. McCollum, Jr. Esquire as they covered a wide range of topics.

Mr. Clark of Laurel's Clark and Steinhorn, P.C. focused on the origins of quarantines for disease as it pertains to the present ebola crisis. The discussion then turned to medical malpractice actions against hosptals and health care providers for exposing members of the public to ebola through their unwitting discharge of infected ebola patients.

The discussion also veered into product liabilty law suits for "Ebola-Proof" hospital gowns and apparel which have proven to be defective.

The show on Sirius XM channel 141 will be rebroadcast several more times. If you are interested keep an eye on our website for the next dates and times it will be rebroadcast.