Laurel Attorney, Robert Clark On Bus Crashes and Seat Belts!

Posted on Nov 20, 2013


At Clark and Steinhorn, we devote effort to understanding trends in vehicular crash safety and periodically something significant happens. Yesterday, November 20, 2013 something REALLY significant occurred.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration put forth rules requiring safety belts for large buses and motorcoachs. No this doesn't include school buses or WMATA buses but it is a step in the right direction.

Buses/Motorcoachs (The Industry's Term of Art) are mile for mile remarkably safe and the fatality rates are low as compared to cars, trucks and motorcycles. Despite this an average year produces 21 bus crash fatalities and almsot 8,000 annual injuries.

The NHTSA's estimate is that both the wrongful death and injury rates can be cut in almost in half with the introduction of lap and shoulder belts for bus passengers and drivers.