Laurel Attorney, Robert Clark Back On Sirius XM Radio

Posted on Nov 04, 2014


Laurel, Maryland Attorney, Robert Clark, was back on Sirius XM radio's "The Legal Pad" as a guest legal commentator with host, James E. McCollum, Jr.. Mr. McCollum's highly regarded show is taped in the studios of Howard University in the District of Columbia and is featured regularly on Sirius XM channel 141.

The show is regularly rebroadcast although the prospective dates are not yet known. Mr. McCollum consulted Mr. Clark about a broad array of ebola and quarantine-related legal issues. The wide-ranging show touched on medical malpractice and product liability issues as well as fundamental civil rights questions.

Comparisons were drawn between quarantine powers for ebola and the decision in Prince Georges County, Maryland to exclude 400 students who had not either undergone or provided proof of required vaccinations. Fundamentally, governmental entities retain their policing powers as well as public health powers to protect the public from potential carriers of serious disease processes.

Mr. Clark has been a regular commentator on Sirius XM with regard to a variety of topics including medical and legal malpractice as well as more routine subjects such as how to survive a serious car or truck accident. For more information go to:


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