Laurel Lawyers Love Pasta Plus!


It's no secret, we at Clark and Steinhorn love Laurel, Maryland. There are many reasons why, nice down to earth people, convenient access to every kind of business or merchant but perhaps our favorite reason is Pasta Plus.

When my 60th birthday rolled around and I wanted a great meal in a convivial environment, I headed for Laurel and the welcome greeting of Pasta Plus owners extraordinaire, Max and Sabatino Mazziotti.

For more than 30 years this "no reservations" establishment has featured a line out the door and superb, abundant cuisine. Excellent wood oven baked pizza, check, infinite varieties of delicious homemade pasta, check, wonderful fairly priced Italian wines, check, excellent seafood, check, you name it they've got it.

The restaurant is an odd setting, in a small shopping center on Route One in Laurel, between the branches of  Maryland 198 East and Westbound. The merchants on either side are long since gone, but Pasta Plus fills the parking lot.

Every meal is accompanied by delicious home-baked bread that often emerges piping hot from the oven. A large salad is included and it would be impossible to imagine a better value for the money. Desserts are excellent but who has room after the onslaught of food this place provides you?

Open for lunch and dinner every day but Monday (the cognoscenti know the Market at Pasta Plus serves on Mondays) it would be hard to postulate a place with better food in a more inconguous location. Carryout from the Market at Pasta Plus routinely provides lunch at Clark and Steinhorn with our favorite being the Italo-American sub, a sandwich for two with excellent deli meats and wonderful homemade bread.

Other favorites of Clark and Steinhorn include linguini frutti de mare (tons of fresh seafood), timballo, and divine veal and chicken dishes in too many varities to list. Daily specials are uniformly excellent.

I know I am rambling on but I've eaten here more times than any other restaurant and carry home fresh pasta and sauce weekly, which invariably elicits joy from my wife and son.

The physical plant of Pasta Plus may not be fancy but there is no better value anywhere and the Italian restaurants in Baltimore's Little Italy pale by comparison!

We love Laurel and we love Pasta Plus!