Clark and Steinhorn, have represented catastrophically injured victims of car and truck accidents for more than twenty five years and believe that seat belts are vital to your families safety.

Because of the nature of our practice, Allan and I are more apt to extol the necessity of wearing seat belts, than any other safety recommendation. This is because our areas of practice bring us into frequent contact with badly injured people and if there is any common denominator, safety belt use would save a lot of people a lot of grief.

Which is to say it is hard to take preventive measures against medical malpractice or train and bus crashes.

We can however use our seat belts and child safety seats properly and save a lot of lives.

The latest vindication of this fact comes from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration which reports that motor vehicle crash deaths are down and seat belt use up.  In 2009 Eighty four percent of Americans wear seat belts, up from eighty three percent in 2008. Weekend seat belt use shows the greatest increase from eighty three to eight six percent.

As we know from past writings here ( drivers who use seat belts are far more likely to ensure that children they are transporting are properly using safety equipment, including booster seats and safety belts. They are also more likely to place children in the back seat where they are safer.

So even if we exclude the obvious safety benefit of wearing a seat belt wear, one so you are more likely to employ them for your children. It also sets a good example for kids.

The NHTSA numbers also demonstrate the virtue of so-called primary law states in which motorists may be pulled over by police for the primary violation of not wearing a seat belt. In those states seat belt use is at eighty eight percent. In states which do not permit police to pull over non-seat belt wearing motorists, absent another violation, seat belt use is seventy seven percent.

So buckle up and enhance your chances of surviving a serious wreck.