Attorney, Robert V. Clark, Jr. will be featured on Sirius XM radio discussing Medical and legal malpractice and how to avoid becoming a victim of either.

Clark and Steinhorn's Robert V. Clark, Jr. will make a return appearance on Sirius XM Satellite radio to discuss professional negligence and how to avoid running afoul of it. In common parlance, medical or legal malpractice, is  an area of the law that is foreign to many people and navigating such a case can be tricky.

Mr. Clark took his first medical negligence case to trial in Montgomery County, Maryland more than 30 years ago and has pursued numerous such cases in Prince George's County, Maryland and the District of Columbia as well. Recently he concluded a long-standing legal malpractice case that bounced back and forth between the Circuit Courts for Montgomery and Prince Georges County and which culminated in a widely read opinion from Maryland's Court of Special Appeals on venue.

Venue concerns where a case can be brought and tried and is vitally important to victims of professional negligence.Defendants and their insurance companies invariably try to force cases into less favorable jurisdictions and the battle to try such cases where they actually belong is often lengthy and heated.

Mr. Clark will also focus on other species of professional malpractice including architectural and engineering negligence.

This will be Mr. Clark's second appearance on "The Legal Pad" which is hosted by the eminent lawyer, James E. McCollum, Jr. and if his last visit is any indicator, it should be informative and entertaining. For more: