Blinds and Shades Can be Deadly to Children. Here are the Latest Recalls.

Parents vigilant to protect their children may not see their shades and blinds as potentially deadly hazards. Unfortunately the latest recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission say otherwise,

The CPSC reports three separate recalls for shades and blinds due to risk of child strangulation. The first involves more than 364,000 Roman shades sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

The second involves an IKEA roller blind. More than 533,000 ISDANS, TUPPULUR, and ENJE roller blinds have the potential for strangulation.

The third manufacturer, Hanover Direct is recalling 90,000 faux suede roman shades which again have the potential for child strangulation.

To be clear none of the injured children died but the CPSC consensus is that these particular products should not be utilized without modification.