ATV Injuries Are on the Rise, at Clark and Steinhorn, We Know How to Get the injured Fair Compensation.

If we were to choose which new technology seems to be causing more injuries, jet skis or ATVs, it might be a toss-up.
Whatever the outcome, the injuries we at Clark and Steinhorn have seen have been horrendous. Broken limbs and even deaths are all too common.

ATVs tend to be viewed by their owners and operators as high-powered toys and attention to safety  is not commensurate with their potential dangers. Think about it, at up to 800 pounds, ATVs can travel at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. They are often operated off road and unlike cars, have little safety superstructure.

The prevalence of drinking and drug use in conjunction with ATV crashes is well-known. Unless they are operated responsibly, they present a recipe for personal injury  and wrongful death cases in Maryland and nationwide

The problem is that many innocent bystanders come into contact with these devices. The effect can be devastating.

Typically in the cases we have litigated, late night, drunken, off-road, atv adventures, become catastophic too often.  Operators lose control and strike their waiting friends and the collision of a 600 pound machine going 40 mph with a human is horrible.

Helmet-use also declines with drug and alcohol use and closed-head injuries of operators, passengers and by-standers are frequent.

So behave responsibly on your ATV and you and your friends will live to enjoy many more adventures.