Yes Baltimore and Washington, That Was An Earthquake

As most of you know by now, the East Coast, and in particular, the Washington/Baltimore/Virginia region, experienced an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude, shaking buildings, roads, cars and the peace and tranquility of folks in our region. The epicenter of the earthquake appears to be the small town of Mineral, Virginia.  Office buildings in Washington, D.C., were evacuated, as was the Capital building and the Penatagon in nearby Northern Virginia. Videos are showing up on You Tube capturing evidence of the force of the earthquake, and subseqent damage.  

Preliminary reports indicate no deaths or injuries; photographs and videos of property damage are now making the rounds of the internet.  The video highlighted above shows part of an apartment building roof that came down, with bricks crushing the cars parked below it.

Its not often that we report on earthquakes in the neighborhood.  We are fortunate the damage was not worse. What's next, locusts?
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