Wow! This story from the Post and WTOP knocked me out. On the same day that United States Senator Barbara Mikulski accused Metro of paying lip service to safety, ( see a Metro train had a near miss with safety inspectors at the Braddock Road Metro Station in Alexandria, Virginia.

Talk about irony! The train was said to be operating at "full-track speed" as it approached inspectors on the tracks, a clear violation of applicable safety rules.

Further irony (possibly greater irony) the inspectors were on the tracks to see how well Metro train operators were doing at following orders intended to protect track workers, which included slowing or stopping when approaching people on the tracks.

Guess they got an 'f' on that one. The inevitable question, when will the next deadly Metro crash occur? Thus far Metro has shown little or no responsibility for out-of-control behavior. It is time for the Feds step in. For more go to:
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