Miraculous! So often, when Clark and Steinhorn discuss newsworthy events it unfortunately encompasses crashes with severe injuries or fatalities. Reports are today that a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria in Waverly, Virginia went around a crossing gate and collided with an Amtrak train. The vehicle driver, Untron Drew, while injured, was not killed.

The Amtrak passsengers weren't injured. No derailment. Wow! For those who follow this blog, you have some sense of how rare this is. Just a few days ago a similar such incident in Baltimore involving a MARC train, killed the SUV driver, who had also cirumvented the crossing gate. http://www.maryland-law.com/news/deadly-marc-train-crash-in-baltimore.cfm

Which inevitably leads to the question, why an outbreak of impatient drivers, ignoring their own safety and the safety of others by driving around safety gates into crashes with trains?

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