Senator Charles Schumer of New York has introduced a bill that would seek to bring uniformity to state laws governing texting while driving. The bill would penalize states that do not prohibit texting while driving by reducing their share of federal highway dollars.

Locally, the District of Columbia has led the charge against texting while driving with its distracted driving law.

Virginia and Maryland are two of thirteen states that also prohibit or will shortly prohibit texting while driving.

Recent studies at Virginia Tech and by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety illustrate what a perilous practice driving while texting is. The Virginia Tech findings reveal that tractor-trailers and commercial truck drivers are twenty three times more likely to either crash or have a near-crash than non-texting drivers.

Much credit has been given to The District of Columbia's anti-texting law and  efforts to enforce it. Nice to hear something positive about the old hometown now and then.
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