Two Young Women Killed When Train Derails In Ellicott City, Maryland

In the blink of an eye, two young lives were lost when a CSX freight train carrying loads of coal overturned and derailed causing the death of two nineteen year old women.  The nineteen year olds were texting next to the tracks when the crash occurred.  They were crushed to death by the trainloads of coal that emptied when the train derailed.  The two nineteen year olds have been identified as Elizabeth Conway Nass and Rose Louese Mayr.


According to local businessman William Pearce, who owns an antique shop in Ellicott City, Main Street looks like "a war zone."  Investigators and clean up crews descended on the quaint town and rapidly moved to determine the cause of the crash, and to restore the area.  Meanwhile, Main Street of Ellicott City, a street lined with antique shops, restaurants, and crafts stores, was closed to the public.


As partner Robert V. Clark, Jr. previously litigated a class action case involving a Metro crash that resulted in a seven figure recovery for the victims, we are accutely aware of the terrible pain and suffering of the families, and like the entire community, we offer whatever support we can.  It may be some time before the investigation explains the cause of this crash, but no explanation will lesson the pain of these families.  Inasmuch as there are legal issues to resolve, that will come with time-the investigators will hopefully unravel the cause of the crash so we can avoid similar train crashes in the future.  Now is a time for grieving and remembering the victims-our hearts go out to them.

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