Two People Killed in Beltway Motorcycle Crash

In yet another tragedy that appears to have been caused by excessive speed, two people were killed early this morning when the motorcycle they were driving struck a guardrail, causing both the driver and passenger to be thrown from the motorcycle and killed.  As we have reported here before, although motor vehicle crash deaths are declining, fatalities in motorcycle cases are rising.  Excessive speed and reckless driving appear to be contributing facttors in many of these deaths.  

One of the greatest thrills I experienced in my youth was riding motorcycles.  That was before our roadways were so overcrowded, and our drivers much less likely to be distracted by cel phones (didn't have them in the 1970's or early 80's when I drove) or texting (who would've thougt of that back in the days of rotary dial phones) or GPS navigation systems (anyone remember free road maps?).  

If you do drive a motorcycle, please drive safely and slowly.  You can't control the actions of other drivers, but you can decrease the risk of injury or death by driving prudently, and within the posted speed limits at all times.

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