We have reported on trends in traffic fatalities for quite a while and the macro-level news is all good. http://www.maryland-law.com/library/analysis-of-maryland-car-accident-truck-crash-motorcycle-fatalities.cfm Car and truck crash deaths in Maryland, the District of Columbia and nationwide have plunged! The 2009 data showed a 7.4% decline in crash deaths in Maryland and a 15% decline in traffic fatalities in D.C. http://www.maryland-law.com/library/maryland-motor-vehicle-death-cases.cfm

The reasons are entirely logical. Increased drunk driving legal enforcement, more wide-spread use of seat and safety belts, better roads and of course the modernization of America's car and truck fleet which includes modern safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, and stability control.

 Even motorcycle crash deaths went down for the first time in more than a decade. http://www.maryland-law.com/library/motorcyclist-fatalities-on-the-rise.cfm   

Nationally nine states saw increases in car, truck and motorcycle crash deaths with those states being rural or smaller ones with a prevalence of weaker seat belt use laws.
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