The Toyota Corporation has developed a motor vehicle that can both brake and steer without driver involvement when the vehicle is about to crash into another car or object in front of it.  This safety technology will steer the car away from a collision when a driver does not.

While many automobile manufacturers are working on safety technology, the Toyota pre-crash safety technology includes both steering and braking.  This vehicle technology calculates distances, speed, braking and steering to avoid a crash.  As reported in the Washington Post (see bove link), automobile fatalities are declining in Japan as these new technologies are introduced.  

We are not yet able to drive cars that protect us from all crashes, but technological advances such as this one may one day lead to cars so safe that fatalities and catastrophic injuries are minimal and rare.  As we have reported on our website, safety technology, such as tractor trailor vehicle stability control, reduces accident fatalities and injuries.

We commend these automoblie manufacturers as they seek to develop safe cars.  These cars should save a lot of lives, and make generous profits for their manufacturers.  

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