The story has trickled out slowly. First a grudging recall propmpted by government intervention. Reports of deaths and injuries followed. Toyota's response was denial, explanation and delay.

Soon the trickle was a deluge and Toyota's only option was not merely recall but complete production stoppage.

Word came out that the nation's largest car insurer, State Farm had warned both Toyota and the federal government in 2007, that they were seeing way too many sudden accelerations claims from their customers who owned the affected Toyotas.

Unfortunately, in 2007 the regulators were Bush administration appointees who were not interested in hampering big business with these silly claims of gas pedal malfunction. Oops!

Now reports are out that as many as 34 wrongful deaths are presently attributable to Toyota's sudden acceleration problems. If you or a friend or family member have been a victim of sudden acceleration injury please call us at Clark and Steinhorn at (800)304-2002 for further information.
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