The Top Ten Reasons For Commercial Truck Crashes

We often have occasion to discuss here the circumstances which lead to crashes between commercial trucks (semis, eighteen wheelers and smaller trucks) and cars. Probably the most comprehensive study of this subject is the Large Truck Crash Causation Study.

This landmark study has been the subject of discussion here previously. Today we note the top ten factors identified as
having caused collisions between commercial trucks and other vehicles.

It is important to recognize that in many instances more than one of these factors was present. They are in descending order of frequency : brake problems, traffic flow issues (prior accident or congestion), prescription drug use, excessive speed, roadway unfamiliarity, actual roadway problems, non-adherence to traffic control devices (traffic lights, stop signs and crosswalks), over the counter medications, inattention and fatigue.

Obviously, many of these variables are interrelated. The study examines in greater detail the relative risk of each of the categories and is examined in our article "Commercial Truck Crashes: Causes and Effect."
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