Two veterans of the Afghanistan conflict relied on their combat medical training to assist a pedestrian struck by a Metro Bus on the Mall yesterday.  As we reported in yesterday's edition of this blog, a pedestrian was struck by the bus near 7th Street, N.W. and taken to the hospital.  Today we learned of the severity of the injuries, and of the heroic efforts of U.S. Army Sgts. John Russell and Brian Williams who happened to be at the Mall when the collision occurred.

The pedestrian suffered a badly fractured leg and gash to the head. Using their medical military training, Sgts. Russel and Williams immediately used bystanders t-shirts to fashion a tourniquet to stem flowing blood coming from a badly fractured leg and from a gash in the injured man's forehead.  Recognizing that a loss of consciousness could result in a serious head injury, the soldiers cradled the injured man's head and talked with him to keep him awake until emergency medical personel could arrive.

Although the collision caused a severe injury (the name of the pedestrian and his current condition have not yet been disclosed), it is heartwarming to see the efforts of good samaritans in situations like this.  Newspapers and internet news sources tend to report horrible events, since that is what people tend to note and read.  These two soldiers deserve our thanks and recognition for the aid they rendered that may have prevented more serious injury to the pedestrian.

As we stated yesterday in our blog, August is a big month for tourism in the Washington Baltimore region.  Please use extra care as you walk or drive in our area, particularly in areas where tourists congregate and visit.  If you have questions about pedestrian rights, or if you suffered an injury as a pedestrian and want to talk to a lawyer, call us for a free legal consult.  

And our thanks go out to Sergeants Russell and Williams for their caring and wonderful efforts to help a fellow human being in great need.  I'm sure if asked they would say "we were just doing what anyone else would do under the circumstances."  I would like to think they are right, but a special thanks to them is in order.

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