Second Wrong Way Crash of Week Proves Deadly on I-95 in Laurel, Md.


Two crashes on area roads this week involving wrong way drivers have proven deadly. The most recent crash occurred on I-95 near Laurel, Maryland and involved a Southbound driver in the Northbound lanes. Christian Allen Knight of Olney drove his Nissan Altima into a crash with a tractor trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of meat.

The collision proved deadly for Mr. Knight and shut down I-95 for a period of time. 

The inevitable question is how are these crashes possible? Are there measures that can be taken to ensure that entering I-95 or 270 going the wrong way is impossible? Are these drivers entering correctly and turning around at breaks in the median? Are these drivers intoxicated or are these acts intentional?

Anwers to these questions may be hard to arrive at as the wrong way drivers are deceased but perhaps video of the roads will at least answer the mechanism whereby people end up traveling the wrong way.



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