The tragic case of Brian Gray, who died in a  2007  auto accident when an off-duty Prince Georges County Police officer struck his car and killed him, came to a dramatic development when a Prince Georges  County jury awarded his family and estate more than four million dollars.

The officer was said to be proceeding at double the speed limit when his vehicle struck a vehicle operated by Mr. Gray who was proceeding to an exam. Mr. Gray's mother was several car lengths behind and came upon the catastrophic collision.

Doubtless, an appeal will follow this verdict and the ramifications of the non-economic damages cap are presently unknown.

The case was a difficult one for the plaintiffs to prevail given the doctrine of contributory negligence and the lawyers for the plaintiffs are to be commended. It does speak to the need for Maryland to bring its laws in line with virtually every other state and abandon the outdated doctrine of contributory negleigence.
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