A new study from the Centers For Disease Control reports that hospital catheter-related infection deaths occur with astounding frequency and are eminently preventable. 80,000 patients per year are reported to have developed catheter-related bloodstream infections or CRBSI's and more than 30,000 die as a result.

This represents almost one third of all hospital-related acquired  infection deaths per year. 

The study suggests five simple steps to reduce these infections and wrongful deaths. These include health care providers washing their hands, placing a sterile dressing on the catheter area, wearing sterile gowns, caps, gloves and masks, placing sterile drapes over patients and using antiseptic on the patient's skin.

It is also strongly urged that doctors weigh the benefit of continuing catheter use daily and use of electric monitoring to recognize infections and to enable hospitals to assemble teams to combat them.

Infections are not only a frequent cause of wrongful death but also very costly.

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