In a tale of extraordinary heroism and a well-nigh miraculous recovery, a  pregnant Clinton, Maryland woman was rescued after her car crashed through a guardrail, rolled more than 30 feet down an embankment and came to rest upside down in a creek.

A witness to the car crash caught the attention of paramedics en route to another call and they undertook a heroic rescue effort. After checking the stability of the upside down Ford Focus, the crew broke out the vehicle windows in an attempt to unlock it. No luck.

Then suddenly the locks opened, the paramedics cut the seat belt off the driver and she was pulled to shore. Initially,
it was thought that the driver could not be saved as she was not breathing and had no pulse. After, CPR she was placed in an ambulance, her breathing and pulse returned and it was clear that both the mother and her unborn child would survive.

The driver, 23-year-old Sade Davis was released from Washington Hospital Center with minor injuries.
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