In a blink of an eye, two families lost loved ones.  In the last two days, two elderly pedestrians crossing the streets of Northwest Washington, D.C. were killed after being struck by automobiles.  These tragic events are unfortunately becoming more frequent in our area.  

Last week, a pedestrian was killed attempting to cross Suitland Parkway at Naylor Road in Prince George's County.  Larry Moore, 54 years old, was killed by vehicles in a Secret Service motorcade.

Some speculate that the increase in pedestrian fatalities in our area is due to an increase in immigrants from undeveloped countries who have little experience crossing busy highways in our area.  Others believe that the increase in traffic has made our roadways less safe for pedestrians.  Whatever the reasons, pedestrian fatalities are increasing. 

In a post 9/11 world that is increasingly becoming more dangerous by things we never considered growing up, the act of crossing the street would not seem to be high on the list of risks we must recognize.  But as the events of the last week demonstrate, pedestrians must exercise the highest degree of caution to avoid the dangers on the road.  It could save your life.

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