Passenger Loses Arm Hanging Out Passenger Window When Car Collides With Truck

In a tragic example of what can happen when you do what your mother told you not to do, a young man in Oregon lost his arm when he stuck his arm out of the passenger window of his car as the driver of the car tried to pass a tractor trailer truck.  As the driver passed the truck, with his passenger's arm stuck out the window, the driver sideswiped the truck, amputating the passenger's arm.  Doctors at the hospital where the victim was taken attempted to surgically re-attach the arm.  After surgery, the victim was in stable condition, although it is unkonwn at this time whether he will regain use of the surgically re-attached arm.

It was a very hot day, and the car had no air conditioning, perhaps offering some explanation of why the passenger stuck his arm out of the car window.  Troopers were still investigating the crash to determine the cause of the accident. The driver of the car was charged with various criminal and traffic offenses, including driving while under a controlled subtsance and driving on a suspended license.  
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